Deep Discoverer Octopods, Deedio Decorative Pair

Close up of large version of Deedio
Cotton baby-safe toy Deedio. Now I know why they put windows in tumble dryers.

Based on pattern by Oddknit

Oddknit Cockle sewn onto a hair clamp

One-off Giant Duckling Knit by Eye

Drawstring Hedgehog, available on Etsy


  1. i might be shooting in the dark here, especially since this blog hasn't been posted to in 3 years, but did you make this snake scarf?

    someone on reddit mentioned your name and it looks like the same mannequin. i would do anything to buy one of these or even a pattern! it's adorable. either way, really cool stuff here. you're very talented! i admire the work you put into what you do. have a wonderful day if you see this <3

    1. Not the owner, but coincidentally I'm currently following her pattern to make the very same snake scarf:

    2. Oops just realised the link above was for the oak and your pin was for the dugite. Dugite page:

  2. I'm actually also making the Oak snake but am a bit confused in shaping the head. I don't have a circular needle and the instructions are to knit every row, but obviously the snake is all in stocking stitch so I need to purl a row, but not sure if I should just follow the instructions with a purl row in between each step. Any suggestions?
    and can i just separate the stitches and knit the top and bottom of snake separately and then join?