Thursday, February 4, 2016

My third blog

I impulsively started a blog just for knitting on February 2, 2016. I have been trying to figure out how to get $72 of AdSense money from Google. There's a $100 threshold. If you close the account without earning $100 in ad views they just keep the money. I can't understand this from an accounting standpoint. How do they enter that on their books? 

I don't know how exactly I earned this AdSense money in the first place. Last time I checked in about 2011 my blog had made $10 in ads in 3 years so I deleted the ads. I think I must have set up that AdSense account on my YouTube channel and then when I deleted the ads on my blog it caused it to become inactive and I lost access to it. (I made a video of a sonic boom phenomenon some years ago. The short version that I think had ads on for a while. The million views version here has music I don't have the rights to, so not eligible for ads.) Anyway, in January Google transferred the funds to a new AdSense account and said in an email that if I canceled it they would pay me the money. But the cancellation screen says it will not pay a thing until I make it to $100. I have no internet properties I wish to use for revenue generation. I decided I better start another blog and drop an ad on it somewhere and see if I can get the $28 I need to make them pay out these past earnings. It's a personal challenge.

Maybe this isn't a very good origin story, but it's the honest one.

My other two other blogs are Spasms of Accommodation and the Beachton Buck Rivet Report. Spasms is where I work out my rants. The Buck Rivet Report was started to document my repurposing of a Spartan Aircraft trailer that became my knitting lab. As an after-the-fact effort to organize and caption thousands of work-in-progress photos it isn't going very fast. I have to wait until I feel like working on it. I'm too into knitting right now.

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