Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pode and Abode play WatUR

Pode and Abode are prototypes of a knitting pattern I developed to celebrate a new genus of octopod discovered by the Okeanos Explorer. They're going to play a game of WatUR. Pode is on the left and is playing with black dice and black stones. Abode is on the right playing the white stones and white dice.
Roll to see who goes first. Pode rolls a 2. Abode rolls a 3. Abode goes first.

On her first roll Abode gets a 2. 
She places a white stone on the second square above the notch on her side of the board 
Pode's first roll he gets a 3.
He places a black stone on the third square above the notch on his side of the board.

On her second turn Abode rolls a ZERO!
She doesn't get to play this turn.

Pode rolls a 1.
He moves his stone one space to the star. The star means roll again.

Pode rolls again for being on the star. He gets a 2.
He decides not to move that same stone.
He places another stone on the board instead, 2 spaces from the beginning. 
Abode takes her turn. She really rattles those dice to make up for that zero. She gets a 4!
She places a stone on the star in the corner on her side. Abode gets to roll again.
On her roll again Abode gets a 3.
She thinks about her options and decides to move out into the center column.
Pode's turn. He rolls a 1.
He moves one space forward into the center column.
Abode's turn. She rolls a 1.
She moves her stone forward on to the center sun.
She gets to roll again AND she is safe from being bumped off by Pode.
On her roll again Abode gets a 3.
She can bump Pode's piece off the end of the board. So she does.
 Now that we've seen how to get started, let's cover some what-ifs.
On Pode's turn he rolls a three.
He is blocking himself from moving his first two stones.
And the last stone needs a 2 to move off the end.
He decides he can't move.
Look carefully to see if Pode missed something. 
How does the game end?
Pode and Abode both only have one stone left.
Whoever rolls the special number first wins.
Abode rolls a 1! Abode wins!

But what if she didn't roll a 1? Roll it back.
What if Abode rolls a 2?
She can't play her stone. It's Pode's turn. Pode rolls a 2 as well.
Pode wins!
WatUR was launched with a KickstartUR in October 2017.

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